Electronics can certainly look very intimidating for people who haven’t had the opportunity to play around with hardware before. But fear not: luckily for us, nowadays there’s a whole chunk of the electronics business all targeted at hobbyists and people who just want to have some fun with little inventions that blink, buzz or automate something at their homes. Hooray!

This little crash-course will cover the very basics of digital electronics targeted at the hobbyists alike, specially those who have some previous experience with programming (any language) but have no idea where to start when it comes to Electronics.

I am a newbie myself, but as I have a deep passion for documentation, I’m writing this guide as I learn. I hope it will be helpful for other people getting started in this area – not only moms and dads, but specially for those, because ain’t no mama got time for an in-depth electronics course, and it’s really rewarding to create your very own, custom toys! This also comes in hand for when kids are bigger and can already join you in these prototyping adventures.

Hop on, and let’s have some fun!

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