Hi there! I’m Erika Heidi, a software engineer and devOps passionate about creating stuff – from art to technical content such as tutorials and guides.

I’ve done many interesting and sometimes even scary things in my life, but nothing changed me like being a mom. Being a mom also changed my relationship with tech and coding, or maybe it just resurfaced the excitement I used to feel in the very beginning, when everything was new. The difference is that, this time, I want to create toys and interactive things for my girl, I want to create fun and smart little gadgets for our home, and I want to inspire her to be a maker. That’s what motivated me to create this blog, initially under the name “Codingmama”. Although I’ll always be a coding mama, I felt that name wasn’t reflecting the content I wanted to share, so I changed it to simply “Heidi’s Lab” 😀

This blog is a recollection of my adventures in prototyping, electronics and 3D Printing, as well as a place for sharing tutorials for beginners in these subjects.

These adventures wouldn’t happen without the support of codingdaddy (a.k.a my husband and Alice’s dad), who also happens to be my best friend and partner/mentor in these prototyping adventures. We can’t wait to see little Alice joining us when she’s big enough 😊

Project sponsors are welcome.

You can find me on Twitter  and you can also email me at hello @ heidislab.com✌